Field Camp

Field camp is the capstone course for a geology undergraduate. It’s where professional geologists are molded and classroom knowledge is put to the test. For six weeks, Shadowfax and Snot Otter had to survive the brutal Nevada desert, facing rattlesnakes, a lack of shady groves, Scorpion Alley, whitewater creek rapids, dust devils, angry locals, treacherous commutes to the field site, horny toad swarms, 2 pm project deadlines, the “Ruth plague,” and water babies. However, despite the many dangers, we emerged victorious with new friends, new skills, and loads of stories.

The University of Nevada, Reno’s field camp took us all over Nevada, from Reno, to Ely, to Sutcliffe, and allowed us to visit some amazing places including Wheeler Peak and Lehman Caves in Great Basin National Park, Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada, Pyramid Lake, to “The McFarthest Point” (the furthest point in the continental U.S. from a McDonalds). Days were spent mapping and nights were spent playing ping pong and working on projects in the bar… I mean “office.”


This was one of the greatest experiences of our careers and we appreciate all the help from the professors and TA’s. We’d also like to thank Abijah, Mike, Taylor, Nick, Dan P. Ashley, Billy, Stephen, Jared, Hunter N., Cory, Nate, Izzie, Alex, Hunter O., Max, Rachel, Norm, Will, Dan V., and Steve for making us Tennesseans feel welcome and showing us a great time.

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